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what exactly is the purpose of disc 2 in the jam dvd set thing?
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it's the same material as disc 1, but disc 2 has effects on the audio and picture. like echo on the voices, weird camera tricks and such..
bit of a blag really.
that's's hard enough to absorb anyway, I have to watch it with the subtitles on, it's so ill-enunciated.
if i remember the original broadcast date/time was Saturday 3am ish. imagine post pub/club drugged up etc.
I think that the first DVD is the "for airing" version, and the second is the "director's cut" with the vector effects etc...(?). This is perhaps why it was aired at 3.00 am in the morning.

I think that Jam is an examination of power and control, and particularly the cult of the expert........ and that's hard stuff to take in at 3.00 am.
it's probably easier to take in at 3 am.
Jam aired two times on Channel 4; once as "Jam" (the first disc), and once as "Jaaaaam" (the second disc). "Jaaaaam" was a remixed version of "Jam" (as mentioned above, with video effects/audio effects). Some of them are thought to be failed experiments for Jam (for example, if I recall, the Shit-Sausage Lady in Jaaaaam was taped from a camera set up in front of a tv showing the sketch, and the camera'd move around a little), and some of them are thought to be stuff done especially for Jaaaaam, and some of them aren't even touched at all.

I'm glad that they put Jaaaaam on the set, because I'd always wanted to compare, but unfortunately, I really wish CM had gone more drastic with Jaaaaam; there's a lot of sketches that are basically the same as they originally aired, but there's a handful of Jaaaaam things that are actually more successful (Uh, I _LOVE_ the effect he put on the Doctor-Who-Examines-His-Own-Knee sketch at the end of Ep. 1 (I think) -- the weird slow ghostly effect; it's just _perfect_.) than the Original Versions. But for the most part, I wanted Jaaaaam to be even stranger.

(Also, apparently, only 5 episodes of Jaaaaam aired, because Channel 4 was upset over one of the Jam sketches (I _think_ it's "Unflustered Parents", about the parents whose kid's abducted and they don't care), and when it turned out CM didn't cut the offending sketch for Jaaaaam, they just threw in the next episode and cut that one from the run.)
(I _think_ it's "Unflustered Parents", about the parents whose kid's abducted and they don't care

that is my favourite sketch in the whole's just classic.