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brass_eye's Journal

Brass Eye
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austin tasseltine, baltimora, bisturbile cranabolic amphetamoids, blouse, blue jam, brass eye, cake, carla the elephant, chris morris, clarkey cat, clarky cat, cocoa shunters, czech neck, david cann, david jatt, dressing penis wounds, factgasms, fuckstead school, fukd and bombd, gefafwisp, good aids bad aids, graham linehan, heavy electricity, hoecs games, invisible lead soup, jeremy paxman, joss ackland's spunky backpack, made-up drugs, mandrill drug-dealers, metabolically bisturbile drugs, nonce sense, paedogeddon, panorama, pantou the dog, penis-shaped sound waves, peter baynham, pipe to pipe bushman, preconstructions, purves grundy, quack candles, right or wrong?, shaftsbury's jam, shatner's bassoon, shop-bursting, stuck up her anus, ted maul, the boz-boz, the day today, the drumlake experiment, the pedo files, the summer of death, triple sod, twisted brain-wrong, unbelievable krimewave, vast underground cat heads, yellow bentines